Kajal India Tours wishes to acknowledge the privilege of being able to work, live and play in the beautiful and bountiful unceded Halalt territory of the Coast Salish peoples.

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    with Julie Price


As a self-professed India-phile Julie has facilitated, guided and designed fabulous India experiences for all manner of travellers.


Her mission is to provide unique, safe and fun journeys in India to maximize understanding and enrichment between travellers and the people they encounter.

With over 30 years of India travel experience, 10 years of on-the-ground tour-guiding and a further decade of organizing yoga retreats and individual travel, Julie brings her wealth of knowledge to creating magical explorations of India.

Julie designs custom itineraries for individuals and groups with a focus on transformational travel.Her guidance and thorough planning gives travellers roots by grounding them in practical information, and wings by inspiring them to explore with an open heart.

She grounds herself in personal spiritual practices and disciplines to support her belief of interconnectedness between all cultures and creeds. Julie delights in creating win-win situations that bridge understanding resulting in compassionate, respectful travel.

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