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Create Your Own India Journey

Kajal India Tours saves you stress, thousands of rupees and hours of time by guiding your travels.

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So you've booked a flight to India. What now?


Travel in India can be daunting when you are navigating a whole new culture, transportation, hotels and what to wear. Travellers need a trusted contact on the India side in the form of guest house hosts, drivers as well as all the tips, tricks and suggestions from an experienced India traveller in order to stay safe and healthy.


Kajal India Tours has been helping groups and individuals fine-tune their India travel plans for two decades and can save you thousands of rupees, decrease stress and turn trip-anxiety into excited anticipation. Julie Price draws on the rich experience of her own personal India travels to put together a custom itinerary that works for your preferences, timeline and budget constraints to create the trip of a lifetime. Tips, suggestions, advice and assistance with all aspects of your trip are given along with pre-trip preparation.

What does Kajal India Tours offer?

As a client of Kajal India Tours, you receive:

-An initial 2 hour consultation which clarifies your interests, areas and duration of your trip. Many clients state that just the consultation gave them more structure, confidence and excitement about their upcoming trip.

-Customized Itinerary created using information gathered in the initial consultation.  Hotel bookings, airport transfer arrangement.

-1 hr consultation to solidify itinerary and bookings, assistance with flights and Indian Visa procurement, packing lists, cultural information, tips, tricks and suggestions on how to stay safe and healthy during your trip.

-One final 1 hour consultation to ensure all your ducks are in a row and you are ready, excited and confident about your fabulous time in India.

Sharing of contact details so you can build a relationship with your guest house hosts for any changes or tweaks to your plan.


$325-For 2 week itinerary for up to 4 persons travelling together.

       -$25 for each week thereafter.

$400-For 2 week itinerary for group more than 4 persons.

       -$25 for each week thereafter.


Only Need a Little Advice?

A 1 hour consultation with Kajal India Tours gives you insider tips & tricks for India travel, suggestions on where to stay, what to see, in addition to packing lists to make your trip go smoothly.

Investment: $50
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