Where in the World?
    Picture yourself on the edge of a Wildlife Sanctuary where monkeys call and exotic birds perch on your balcony. Imagine a lake nearby where wild elephants come to bathe. Breathe in the fragrance of jasmine and spices as you start your morning practice in a spacious studio. You are fully present in Kerala, South India where cinnamon trees grow and tea leaves are plucked. Thekkady town set among the hills of the Western Ghats is the peaceful destination for your blissful Retreat.  
     Our second destination is the serene jungle Yogalife Homestay in Muddakuzha village off the beaten tourist track. You are treated to yoga classes on the rooftop studio at a traditional Keralan home with local yoga master Solaman Joseph. Surrounded by palm trees and birdsong, fed nourishing home-cooked vegetarian meals, you quickly settle into village life. Your busy mind gently sinks into calm, stress-free bliss.
      Retreats for practices or disciplines other than yoga will use the Wildlife Sanctuary destination.

     Your extraordinary Wildlife Sanctuary Retreat takes place at Chrissie's in Thekkady town. The bright in-house studio is the location of your daily practice so that your hotel room is just steps away. Each room has a western-style bathroom/shower and 2 beds that you will share with another. Retreat members benefit from the care and support of their hotel hosts to ensure the best possibility of a safe and fun experience of India, stretching not only their bodies, but their minds and spirits too. 

     Yogalife Homestay rooms are simple and traditional with western style bathrooms and 2 beds as above. Your wonderful hotel hosts treat you as honoured guests with home-cooked meals lovingly prepared by Priya Joseph while Solaman instructs classes on the rooftop among the swaying palms.


     During the Wildlife Sanctuary Retreat, your accompanying Instructor designs the duration of your Retreat and the daily schedule. There are countless activities and possible excursions in the area to explore on your free time.

     During the Yogalife Homestay Retreats, Sivananda Yoga Instructor Solaman Joseph plans your daily schedule. There are opportunities for excursions to local places of interest or time to simply chill out with a book.

     Yoga Retreats are either designed by Canadian accompanying Instructors or pre-planned with local Indian yoga Instructor Solaman Joseph.



You may have an accompanying Instructor from Canada or may use experienced local Indian Yoga Instructor Solaman Joseph. There is also an opportunity for a teacher to share his/her teaching time with the  local Indian teacher to enhance and maximize student learning. 

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