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About Us


Since 2000, Kajal India Tours has enjoyed facilitating, guiding and designing fabulous India experiences for all manner of travellers. With self-professed India-phile Julie Price (owner/operator) at the helm, Kajal originally lead small group tours to Kerala and Rajasthan each year. Now, she co-creates retreats with instructors and designs custom itineraries for individuals and groups. With over 25 years of travel in the country, Julie brings her wealth of knowledge and valuable contacts into making fabulous trips to India happen for travellers and yogis alike.

Previous recipients of Julie's guidance have shared how confident they felt with Kajal's pre-trip preparation and assistance with all aspects and details of their journeys.


Imagine taking your students on retreat in India and having all the organizing done for you! Or get guidance on your own personal India travel by having an itinerary designed to make the most of your time in India.

Students can be assured that Kajal India Tours is creating safe, fun and magical experiences in India for you to join.


Kajal India Tours gives travellers roots and wings by grounding them in practical information and inspiring them to explore with a positive outlook.

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