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Apani Dhani Eco-Lodge (Rajasthan, India)
While India is slowly waking up to international tourism, Ramesh and his family offer the following beautiful, functional and high-quality products made to order at Apani Dhani Eco-Lodge. To Order: email Julie at

 Photos this page courtesy of Apani Dhani Eco-Lodge, Danuta Cole and Julie Price
#1-Canvas Travel Duffle $57.jpeg
Pocket Detail Duffle.jpeg
zipper Detail Duffle.jpeg
Canvas Duffle Bag-
$57 CAD+shipping/handling

Great for weekend get-aways. High-quality canvas with sturdy straps, inner and outer pockets. Colours for body, straps and bottom can be any combo of beige/khaki/rich brown. Washable. Kali wouldn't think of going away without hers.
#3-Canvas Satchel $30.jpeg
Fastener Detail Satchel.jpeg
Canvas Satchel-$30 CAD+shipping/handling

Your next favourite everyday purse: high-quality canvas in beige, rich brown or khaki, adjustable, comfy strap, simple fastener with or without traditional Rajasthani block-printed cotton lining. Note that cotton lining colours may run with washing. Washable without lining.
#7-Jute Handbag $30.jpeg
Jute or Canvas Handbag-$30 CAD+shipping/handling

So cute and versatile! This little handbag is a lunchbag, knitting bag, car snack bag, the list goes on. Comes in jute with white canvas accents and traditional Rajasthani block-printed cotton lining or rich brown, khaki or beige canvas with traditional Rajasthani block-printed cotton lining. Note that jute is non-washable and cotton lining colours may run with washing.
Yoga Mat Bag-$33 CAD+shipping/handling

Transport your yoga mat safely and stylishly to class or retreat. Beige canvas with khaki strap. Durable canvas, long zipper means a no-struggle load. Custom made to the measurements of your yoga mat. Washable.
Adorable dog not included.
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